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Charity activities of Midday bear in Shanen garden of Fuzhou

Around us, we can see children who are carefree every day. Their children's sayings, childlike fun, lovely, naughty and healthy growth remind us that there are some special children around us. They don't have parents' love all the time, and they don't have a comfortable and warm family life. The children in Shanen garden in Fuzhou, They need more attention and care from us.
08 2021/07

15 Diaper Knowledge, How Many Do You Know?

In the United States, 80% of babies use disposable diapers, while in the United Kingdom, this number has reached more than 90%. In China, although the penetration rate of diapers is not high, there are more and more precious mothers who consciously use diapers for their babies. There are always many questions and misunderstandings about diapers, novice mothers and old people. Diapers or diapers are your choice, but if you miss it because of misunderstandings, it would be a shame.
08 2021/07

How to use baby diapers

Children with too tight diapers and wear too tight underwear, will have a certain impact on the body. Especially for boys, if the diapers are too small and tight, it is not conducive to testicular development. The selection method of diapers should be based on the tightness of waist, and two fingers can be put vertically; In the groin, to be able to put a flat index finger is good. It is generally believed that the diaper pants made of paper have gaps and good air permeability. In addition, with the increase of baby's urine volume, we must choose fast absorbing diapers. For the part of skin that uses diapers, healthy skin should be dry. Wet skin quickly becomes fragile and prone to diaper rash. In order to minimize the wetness caused by diapers, diapers should be replaced frequently, and special Absorbent Diapers should be used. If you use traditional diapers, you should check and change them more often. Vaseline oil, zinc oxide ointment or diaper cream also help protect the skin from moisture. Baby powder may make your skin feel comfortable, but it's not the best for babies. Baby powder can reduce the friction between diapers and children's skin in a short time, but once the diaper is wet (children will definitely wet it!), It's useless. Your baby may even inhale a lot of powder, which can be very dangerous.
08 2021/07

Detailed steps for changing diapers

When changing diapers, you should have: A clean pair of diapers A pack of wet wipes A baby diaper mattress A soft towel A small basin of warm water Diaper rash cream or petroleum jelly Be sure to prepare everything before you start, and never leave the baby alone in the bed. 1. Let the baby lie flat on the bed, and put the baby's urine barrier under the baby's body; 2. Remove the wet diapers, lift the baby's feet up and fix it, and wipe it with a wet tissue from top to bottom; 3. If it's just wet, just change one; 4. If the diaper is still stained with stool, wipe off the stool with a wet tissue or soft towel, and then clean the child's buttocks with warm water. 5. Unless the child has diarrhea, there is no need to use soap. 6. In case of diarrhea, baby soap can be used (even soft soap will remove important natural oils on the child's skin). 7. After wiping, raise the baby's buttocks and apply ointment or petroleum jelly. 8. Put the taped part of the diaper toward the waist, place it under the buttocks, and wrap the diaper. 9. If the baby's umbilical cord has not fallen off, in order to prevent the diaper from rubbing against the umbilical part, fold the upper edge of the diaper inward to expose the umbilical part, and stick the double-sided tape on the matte surface of the diaper and repeat the pasting. 10. Whether the tightness of the diaper is appropriate, you can put your index fingers in the diaper room to test whether it is too tight or too loose.
08 2021/07

When to change diapers

Change diapers frequently in the early stages of use, regardless of whether the child urinates or not, change diapers every 2-3 hours. As the child continues to grow, the number of diaper changes will gradually decrease, starting with an average of ten times a day, and gradually reducing to six times. If the baby has urine and urine on the diaper, it should be replaced immediately, and the baby’s buttocks should be cleaned with warm water and cotton yarn. Never use a wet wipe to wipe the thing casually; after washing, be sure to wait for the small butt to dry completely before replacing it with a new one. Diapers. If there is some redness on the baby's buttocks, mothers don't panic. You can apply some ointment to get rid of it in a short time. The best time for a baby to stop using diapers should be before the child is 2 years old. If you have been using diapers, the habit becomes natural, which can easily lead to habitual or lazy bedwetting. In addition, the best time to stop using diapers is in summer, because in winter, if you suddenly stop using it, your child will lie wet after wetting the bed, making it easy to catch a cold. Especially after being able to walk, it will affect their walking posture. As for when it should be replaced, follow the simple instructions below: ◎ Before or after each feeding ◎After every bowel movement ◎Before the baby goes to bed ◎When the baby wakes up ◎Before taking your baby out
08 2021/07

How to choose diapers

1. Natural safety without stimulation: the safety of diaper material is the key consideration when purchasing. Generally, diapers certified by international authorities are safe, because the products are strictly supervised from raw materials to production and then to finished products. And the national authority certification can ensure the safety of the product production process, without harmful ingredients. 2. Soft and comfortable, not allergic: because the baby's skin is very thin, so the diapers in contact with the baby's skin should be soft and comfortable, and do not contain allergenic ingredients, otherwise the baby's soft and sensitive skin is easy to have a rash, resulting in red butt. When purchasing diapers, mother carefully checks whether the diapers contain a soft protective layer. 3. Super absorbent, no reflow: diapers should have strong water absorption capacity, because the baby urinates a lot every day. If the skin is wet for a long time, it is easy to develop diaper rash. In addition, the design of diapers should be reasonable, otherwise it is easy to produce leakage and leak detection phenomenon. It is suggested that the mother should buy diapers with super absorbent and can lock the urine in the middle without leakage. 4. Ventilate and eliminate dampness without rash: in material, choose the diapers with good air permeability and PE film. There are many micro holes on the surface of the diapers, which can absorb the hot moisture on the baby's buttocks and avoid the baby's diaper rash. In the selection, according to the characteristics of the season to choose, such as winter choose comfortable breathable, summer choose thin breathable.
08 2021/07
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