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Precautions for the use of daily sanitary napkins

Daily sanitary napkins are rectangular strips with side design to prevent side leakage. The structure of the sanitary napkin can be divided into a surface layer, an absorbent core and a bottom layer, and the materials of each layer are bonded with hot melt adhesive.
08 2022/06

Do you know the daily knowledge of daily sanitary napkins

First of all, I would like to emphasize the most important points for you. Daily sanitary napkins with the following characteristics have been blacklisted! Never use it again!
03 2022/06

Why choose medical-grade daily sanitary napkins

Every woman is inseparable from the aunt's napkin every month. According to the shape, size, thickness, style, etc., there are many kinds of daily sanitary napkins. There are many kinds of daily sanitary napkins on the market in terms of length, thickness, function, fabric, etc., but there are only a few that are really popular and have good effects.
30 2022/05

Daily sanitary napkin manufacturers share what to do with sanitary napkin allergies

Daily sanitary napkin manufacturers believe that everyone's physical state is different, especially private parts, which are sensitive and abnormal. Once allergic, it is abnormal itching. Then daily sanitary napkin manufacturers share how to solve allergy problems?
24 2022/05

How to choose daily sanitary napkins

There are many kinds of daily sanitary napkins on the market, but not many are really easy to use. Daily sanitary napkins are good partners for female friends. Here's how to choose them.
18 2022/05
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