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Disposable compressed cotton towels let you go out with peace of mind

Is the towel that is in close contact with our skin every day really clean enough? A towel used for a year and a half will not only harden and affect comfort, but also breed a lot of bacteria! Disposable compressed cotton towel is recommended, use it with confidence and use it when going out.
10 2022/05

Advantages of Disposable Compressed Cotton Towels

What should I do if I have guests at home without a towel? Take a 3MC disposable compressed cotton towel, which is convenient and practical, and can be used repeatedly. It can also be used as a rag after use, and the compressed towel is novel and practical! The disposable compressed cotton towel is soaked in water for three seconds, and the size is just right about 25*35cm after unfolding.
03 2022/05

Reasons why disposable compressed cotton towels are recommended

With the increasing improvement of people's living standards, disposable compressed cotton towels are no longer inherent household items. Because the towel is not exposed to the sun for a long time, the towel is easy to breed bacteria and mites, yellow and hard, and has a peculiar smell, which is very harmful to the skin.
26 2022/04

How to identify the quality of disposable compressed cotton towels

1. The hygroscopicity of disposable compressed cotton towels:That is to say, if you put the disposable compressed cotton towel here, we will drop it on it casually, and the water will immediately seep into the towel, without any slippage or spread. What about a bad disposable compressed cotton towel, it forms water droplets, does not seep, and the droplets can't hang, it slides down quickly, we say this is a bad towel, because it is too soft, no Moisture.
20 2022/04

How to choose a disposable compressed cotton towel

Disposable compressed cotton towel is a popular new product in recent years, which makes the towel have new functions such as appreciation, gift, collection, gift, hygiene and disease prevention. Currently, it is a very popular towel. People love disposable compressed cotton towels because of their health, so do you really know about disposable compressed cotton towels?
13 2022/04

Why not try a disposable compressed cotton towel

Household towels are okay, as long as they are cleaned properly, they will not have a big impact on people's normal use. However, staying in hotels, hostels and other places when going out can inevitably make people feel uneasy. In this case, is there a better way to wash your face and take a bath? In fact, having said so much, what I want to bring to you today is a disposable compressed cotton towel. Are you interested in learning more?
08 2022/04
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