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The making process of Cheapest Tissue 120pcs price

In the process of making household paper with virgin wood pulp, in order to achieve the purpose of better softness, the manufacturer will add a certain amount of virgin short wood pulp fiber to the pulp, and the combination of the short fiber and other long fibers is not very strong. Therefore, in the process of use, a small amount of short fibers will escape, which is commonly known as "dropping paper powder".
02 2022/03

Precautions for use of Best Baby hand wipes 80pcs products

Best Baby hand wipes 80pcs products are specially designed for baby wipes. Compared with adult wipes, Best Baby hand wipes 80pcs products have relatively higher requirements, because baby's skin is very delicate and prone to allergies.
21 2022/02

Knowledge of customized Baby Tender Tissue 120pcs products

Customized Baby Tender Tissue 120pcs products, including a packaging bag, the top surface of the packaging bag is formed with an opening, a sealing sticker is arranged above the opening, the sealing sticker is pasted on the top surface of the packaging bag, and a number of soft tissues are enclosed in the packaging bag.
14 2022/02

Storage knowledge of Baby Tender Tissue 120pcs

When the paper towel is opened, the humidity has a great influence on the paper towel. If the humidity is too high, bacteria are easy to multiply, so the opened paper towels or the damaged paper towels are prone to colonization and mildew.
09 2022/02

Buying points for Baby Tender Tissue 120pcs

Note that there should be factory name, factory address, telephone number, shelf life, active ingredients, production batch number, production date, hygiene license number, implementation hygiene standard number, instructions for use and precautions on the outer packaging.
24 2022/01

Charity activities of Midday bear in Shanen garden of Fuzhou

Around us, we can see children who are carefree every day. Their children's sayings, childlike fun, lovely, naughty and healthy growth remind us that there are some special children around us. They don't have parents' love all the time, and they don't have a comfortable and warm family life. The children in Shanen garden in Fuzhou, They need more attention and care from us.
08 2021/07
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