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How to use baby diapers

Children with too tight diapers and wear too tight underwear, will have a certain impact on the body. Especially for boys, if the diapers are too small and tight, it is not conducive to testicular development. The selection method of diapers should be based on the tightness of waist, and two fingers can be put vertically; In the groin, to be able to put a flat index finger is good. It is generally believed that the diaper pants made of paper have gaps and good air permeability. In addition, with the increase of baby's urine volume, we must choose fast absorbing diapers. For the part of skin that uses diapers, healthy skin should be dry. Wet skin quickly becomes fragile and prone to diaper rash. In order to minimize the wetness caused by diapers, diapers should be replaced frequently, and special Absorbent Diapers should be used. If you use traditional diapers, you should check and change them more often. Vaseline oil, zinc oxide ointment or diaper cream also help protect the skin from moisture. Baby powder may make your skin feel comfortable, but it's not the best for babies. Baby powder can reduce the friction between diapers and children's skin in a short time, but once the diaper is wet (children will definitely wet it!), It's useless. Your baby may even inhale a lot of powder, which can be very dangerous.
08 2021/07

15 Diaper Knowledge, How Many Do You Know?

In the United States, 80% of babies use disposable diapers, while in the United Kingdom, this number has reached more than 90%. In China, although the penetration rate of diapers is not high, there are more and more precious mothers who consciously use diapers for their babies. There are always many questions and misunderstandings about diapers, novice mothers and old people. Diapers or diapers are your choice, but if you miss it because of misunderstandings, it would be a shame.
08 2021/07
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